Great success doesn’t come from big moves that make waves overnight, but the small failures that you tolerate every day yet dare to push through and learn to improve from. On the surface and to outsiders it’s what we ‘get’ that they think makes us happy. But the truth is, it’s who we ‘become’ that gives the true satisfaction and meaning to reach a higher level in life.

The outside things look shiny, but if you could see the emotions, the heart, and the self-respect on the inside, it stands for something much greater than the tangible items you see in a successful individuals life. In its truest form, success isn’t materials and objects it’s the result and developing a strong mind, faith, and resolve towards pursuing your purpose.

Real success comes from a process of trial, error, and improvement. Testing, re-testing, improving, refining, and ascending to a higher consciousness of your power and potential. The way you speak to yourself, the way you think, the beliefs you develop, these are the intangible things you can’t buy with money, but you can learn to develop with time, patience, persistence, hard work, and faith.

Many things in life will be uncontrollable and unpredictable, but that should never stop you from controlling the two things you do have the power to control. Like your work ethic and your attitude. A successful life is predetermined not by what you occasionally do, but what you do consistently, religiously, and relentlessly.

I’ve seen so many people robbed of their gifts and potential by reducing their work ethic and losing their ability to maintain a positive attitude in spite of adversity and challenges. Through real dedication towards improving your mind and belief systems, you reach levels indescribable to people who still struggle with seeking the answer externally.

Happiness evolves from illusion to reality. The journey, as much as we would like, can never be sped up to reach our expectations because if your heart has an ambitious dream beating inside it, your expectations will always be higher than your current abilities. And that drive and vision towards reaching that expectation create the circumstances necessary for you to increase and enhance your abilities.

It’s a ‘game of cat and mouse’ that never ends even when you think you have arrived you realize consciously and subconsciously that there is so much more to learn, to become, to absorb, and process. When your hunger for improvement comes before your hunger for sustenance, you develop exponentially.

It is extremely difficult to sustain exponential growth unless you step so far outside your comfort zone that you often forget what a comfort tends to feel like.

A seed buried deep in the ground covered in darkness upon darkness, drowned in the pressure of the soil above; it gives birth to a small split of progress. And that progress pushed consistently, eventually breaks ground to see the light. From a time of complete darkness to see the light and then to rise above the very same ground that once buried it, and continuing to rise into the sky demonstrating life’s force, is truly a beautiful sight to see.

The majestic growth did not start from the light and height of what you see, but it started from the darkness, the struggle, and the pressure that can almost crush a dream completely. Every soul has a destiny, and every heart has a dream. Every single living thing in this entire universe has a purpose.

The day you find yours is the day you are truly born, and the day you truly come alive. Many guides will come, with many lessons in many forms, through different people and different experiences. Your only challenge is to conquer the person you see in the mirror every day and continually improve your inner vision, and what you choose to look at.

The mirror never changes, it stays consistent, but the eye which sees itself in the reflection of that mirror, the soul that sees itself in that reflection, is what improves what you ultimately see.

The biggest challenge on your way to realizing your potential is just YOU. If you can learn to develop yourself, you give way to the opportunity for more progress to occur in your life. And if you’re serious about developing yourself, you won’t dibble and dabble here and there; you will build a serious routine through which you can measure and refine your progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Anything is achievable, but only if you give it your 110%. Which means you have to give it more than you’re currently capable of, with committing to learning, developing, improving, and refining week by week so you can create that extra 10% to bring your ability to 110% peak performance.

Just never give up, because dreams do come true, and millions upon millions are living their dreams in this world. Is there also people living in darkness, living in a struggle, and adversity? Yes, definitely. But is there light at the end of the tunnel? Yes, there is. Always.

So whatever you’re going through, whatever you are regardless of how the circumstances are, remind yourself success is a process, and this is part of the process. Realizing your potential takes sharpening your mind and belief. The method of sharpening is one that comes with challenges but brings out your inner strength and resilience.

Never give up! Everyone who is living a dream just followed that simple advice to get to where they are now. They refused to quit when quitting seemed like the best move to make!!!

We would be honored to assist you and be a part of your journey to greatness and continued success:

All our best,
The Art of Practice Prosperity Team

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