If you’ve ever thrown a pebble into a pond, and I’m sure you have at some point, what you’ll notice is the act of doing so and the initial ‘plunk’ that the pebble made into the water wasn’t so much of an event in and of itself. It hardly took any effort and didn’t make that much of an impact until later when the ripples, many concentric rings of them, started to form and appear. What you’ll notice about these ripples is their ability to create further, additional ripples, and they can travel, pervade and multiply far beyond the initial action and reaction. Life is a lot like this, so is being in practice. Since the two aren’t separate from one another, what you say, do, think, etc. can create long-standing ripple effects throughout your life. Inevitably, these ripples blend right into your professional practice and the overall health of your professional organization. Therefore, it’s important to take inventory of oneself and be mindful of your thoughts and actions across all areas of life.

Introversion and introspection can also become a form of self-abuse and has the potential to be psychoanalytically abrasive with exponentially diminishing returns. Tons of self-help, new-age and mindset techniques can all too easily implode leaving one not being sure who they are, how to think, and as we’ve all seen – those who are ‘into it’ are only left to regurgitate the same old tired self-help slogans over and over and over again.

Success in anything we do is often a result of many small decisions throughout our day.

We like to think that the big decisions are the ones that propel us to success, and sometimes they are, but it’s usually the little ones that make the most significant difference. The accumulation of small (correct) decisions over time is really what pushes us towards our goals. However, the problem with making many small, right decisions throughout the day can be taxing for our minds- even if we’re unaware that it’s exhausting us.

What we’ve found to be genuinely useful every day is to rely on a system that takes the thought out of these small daily decisions- especially in business. These daily decisions are where the importance of PROCESS comes in. Having the right PROCESS reduces the cognitive strain and stress of our daily lives because we can lean on the process itself.

Finding success via process.

Once we figure out a successful daily/weekly/monthly process for our business practices, it frees up a lot of mental stress so that we can think clearly on the more significant problems and find better potential solutions. We can see this process as a result of years of deliberate work and tinkering towards the ‘perfect’ method, or we can find someone to show us the way and shave years off the steep learning curve.

We highly recommend WATCHING OUR FREE TRAINING that will give you an idea of how we lead our clients down a pathway and process for growth. Our signature business solution (defined processes) will not only provide you with peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions, but it will also lighten the cognitive load and stress substantially. This way, casting pebbles into the pond will create reverberating ripple effects that you’ll most welcome into your life.

After you’ve watched our training, be sure to book yourself in for your BREAKTHROUGH SESSION where we will work with you for 60 minutes regarding what you would like to achieve in practice and help lay out a path to certain and strategic success.

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