If practice success is what you desperately want, then you’ve got to understand these four currencies in running a healthcare business and consider them seriously before making any sudden moves. As simple as it may sound things can get complicated when you’re spinning too many plates at the same time at the office. Does that sound familiar?

Seriously, get these four currencies handled with careful attention and focus. You’ll begin to see how running a practice can become simplified and streamlined when you do this. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo-practitioner or if you have a fully staffed clinic, it applies to ALL levels of running a profitable healthcare business. The thing is, you just have to understand HOW. This is key.

I want to tell you a quick story. When I started taking control of these four main currencies, my practice numbers doubled and quadrupled in patients and collections . . . more than I thought possible. I had record-breaking months of new clients and enrollments. There were some months where my entire office, including myself, was just blown away with how well we all did as a team.

Understand that this is not one of those accidental overnight success stories either.

Before this breakthrough happened, I had to first discover patterns of mistakes that were costing me. I learned the painfully hard way. But I turned my ‘hard-won knowledge’ into lessons and areas of transformation . . . and turned my errors upside-down into WINS.

The priceless lesson is what these four currencies could do for you when you use them right.

Your success, like mine, can become the result of paying close attention to the four currencies in practice and ACTING accordingly to keep them all in check. Then, you’ll soon see that your business will start moving in the RIGHT direction, my friend.

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein

The four currencies that any practitioner needs to consider to have prosperity in practice are:

It’s SIMPLE, but not easy to apply . . . only in the beginning.

You must practice mastering the art of simplifying the complex. I’ll take a guess that you already provide great results for clients/patients, which means you’re most likely smart. Right? So don’t stop your progress. Continue to the mastery level of running your practice.

Simple. Genius. All of these are finite resources in practice. We can’t do everything and anything in our business to have all of these currencies working for us. If you think you have to do it all or can’t afford to not do it all, then you’ll soon see that this is a symptom of a broken model.

Any perceived deficiencies or lack of time, energy, money, or happiness points to a broken model.

Jonathan, Marisan, Troy & Geramy
The Art of Practice Prosperity Team

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