Accelerated Practice Success Program

You don't need 'coaching', you need a solution.

CERTAIN and STRATEGIC Success for Your Healthcare Practice!

Have you been wanting to overcome these detrimental difficulties in practice?

❌ A business model that’s heavily dependent on your direct involvement in operating each department which makes you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

❌ Poorly delivered patient/client consultation, exam, and financing communication that drives prospective new patients/clients running out your door.

❌ A trickling flow of patient/client enrollment because you or your staff lack compelling conversion skills to enroll them into your care program.

❌ Marketing tactics that result in mediocre results that cost too much money and time.

❌ Practice disarray that makes your business more of a liability than an asset and leaves you feeling frustrated at the end of the day.

❌ Feeling like no one understands the complexities of running your practice and thinking you don’t have the time to learn how to fix the issues on your own.

❌ Reaching an income plateau or a decrease in practice revenue that’s detrimental to your personal life.

❌ Missing out on the prized secrets of social media marketing for your practice because you don’t know who to trust or where to start.

❌ Investing in high priced coaches, consultants, outsourced marketing companies, and advertising schemes that have proven to be more risky than wise.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to stop having these problems
and start having the practice of your dreams?

Imagine what your life would be like if you could . . .

✅ Effortlessly manage all of the areas of your practice and start working smarter, not harder.

✅ Learn a proven and time-tested formula that guarantees your success in business and life.

✅ Scale your practice to a level where you are not only surviving but thriving in your personal and professional life in an expedited period of time.

✅ Confidently hire and train staff to earn money FOR your business in a leveraged and scalable manner.

✅ Have a practice that operates like a well-oiled machine by leveraging the labor of others if you choose to scale. All while providing them with a position that recognizes and rewards their talents. This makes a strong team that you can rely on to run your practice seamlessly and profitably.

✅ Get to the level where you can operate your practice as an executive - and only having to do the things you love.

✅ Focus on developing a substantial healthcare business that does not take away from your ability to provide trustworthy and ethical care for your patients/clients.

✅ Have a practice that runs efficiently so that it enhances your ability to be a more valuable and highly respected practitioner in your community without it taking years.

✅ Have skyrocketing patient/client compliance and retention.

✅ Acquire patients/clients that happily pay for your premium care programs and services that deliver the BEST outcomes and resolutions for their health problems and concerns.

For AMBITIOUS healthcare professionals who don’t need ‘coaching’ but want a real SOLUTION.

With The Art of Practice Prosperity's Signature Solution, we offer . . .

✅ An actionable step-by-step plan to run your unique practice lean and mean so that you may sky-rocket your income as quickly as possible.

✅ A complete and systematic approach to managing every area of your practice so you can finally have clarity and a more prosperous vision for your business.

✅ Time-tested winning strategies with our data-driven analytics platform that will completely change the way you view practice and how you run your business every day.

✅ A whole-systems approach to practice management even if you’re a solo-practitioner or own a multi-practitioner office.

✅ A streamlined process that makes all areas of running a practice work interdependently to potentiate the success of your practice.

✅ This is not “coaching as usual” - we work WITH you in every area of your business.

✅ How to execute the quickest and most sustainable path to profits (Product, Package, and Pricing).

✅ Marketing automation that guarantees new patients/clients week after week consistently and without fail.

✅ An entirely new way of looking at your practice that busts through the old myths of practice building and creates predictability and stability.

And when you’re done working with us,
you’ll never need to work with another coach or consultant again.

✅ You’ll KNOW how to scale every part of your practice in a way that is independent of outside help.

✅ Learn EXACTLY how to have a rock-solid growth plan infused with quantifiable data, tools and best practices for your healthcare business.

✅ Whether you’re currently collecting $10k per month or $50k+in your practice, our solution will give you the ability to scale in every area of your business giving you the freedom and options in life you’ve been looking for.


Our signature program is divided into 4 main areas in which to master:





MINDSET: Leverage | Freedom | Exponential Growth
You are the operating system of your practice. Practice stability and growth starts with YOU! How you show up to your practice, your ability to diagnose problems in your business, and swiftly command corrective action is a critical skill for success. Many practitioners have not had proper training in regards to running a business much less the stressful situations that arise from doing so. We work intimately with our clients to ensure their everyday head-space and mindset is programmed for success and made resilient against obstacles, stress, and self-sabotage.

ENROLLMENT: Ability To Convert/Enroll | Collect Money | Well Packaged Care
Many practitioners do not package their service offerings in a manner that is compatible with the numbers behind their business. As our client, we explore possible service structures that are ‘business friendly’ and profitable along with conversion methods and procedures used to enroll new patients/clients into your care. Once you have a constant flow of new patients, it’s important to convert these new patients/clients into the care recommendations that are necessary for them and financially viable for you.

MARKETING: Evergreen Prospective New Patient/Client Pipeline™ | Automated Marketing | Solid Referral Systems
Your ability to consistently attract a flow of quality prospective new patients/clients on autopilot is essential to your practice’s success. Together, we will construct and map out your marketing processes to get your practice pre-loaded with as many qualified prospects required to meet your production and income needs. The goal is to establish as much hands-off consistency as possible so that the marketing department produces independent of your direct involvement. 

MANAGEMENT: Data-Driven Decisions | Staff Production Management | Financial Management
This is the very foundation of your entire business. Our proprietary admin framework guides your practice to certain and strategic success.
The time-tested and DONE-FOR-YOU administrative structure we provide allows for precise control and leverage like you haven’t experienced before. When your financial decisions are based on solid business principles that are fully quantified and measurable, you consistently make better decisions. Our platform enables you to turn data into meaningful insights that lead to stability, growth and expansion at scale. Additionally, when your staff is properly managed and incentivized, you’re happier and your patients/clients have a better experience.


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