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This is for anyone who is ethical, intelligent, and exemplary in their field and also owns and operates a private or group healthcare practice - whether you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, osteopath, functional medicine specialist, podiatrist, acupuncturist or other healthcare professional - The Art of Practice Prosperity program is for you.


We help healthcare practitioners package, articulate, and sell premium care service programs so that they will be seen as the competent and confident practitioners they are while commanding a high-reward income. We also help our clients build their Evergreen Prospective New Patient/Client Pipeline™ that consistently produces a surplus of new patients or clients that enables them to meet and surpass their production and income goals. Additionally, through our proprietary done-for-you management framework, our clients are able to operate their practices with an extreme amount of clarity and confidence. Our Analytics Center™ and our Essential Analytics™ approach to management provides our clients with the structure and functionality of making data-driven decisions in administrative actions of their practices.

We only work with practitioners who can get amazing results for their patients/clients, take massive action, and want to become the best practitioner and practice owner they can be. With our help, our clients are able to easily command and collect premium prices for their services, finally, experience the financial rewards for their hard work and sacrifice, and look forward to a brighter future due to the predictability and stability our program creates for them.

The Art of Practice Prosperity enables healthcare practitioners with results-driven solutions and education programs to succeed at every level of a healthcare practice owner's career, from anywhere in the world.



Improving the results our clients achieve through our program is our North Star, and because we consistently deliver on that promise, our clients continue to be rewarded with a dominant market position for their healthcare practice.

The daily fundamentals of owning and operating a healthcare practice on a day-to-day basis always rule in the long run and our end-to-end program takes every detail into consideration. This provides our clients with a complete and comprehensive solution that unquestionably leads to practice prosperity.

When faced with decisions of short-term profitability or long-term returns, our clients take bold, intelligent and effective action to solidify their long-term success.


The sole purpose of our program is to help our clients grow their income (bigger), in less time (faster), for the least amount of time and money investment possible (cost effective). When we ask questions about what to do in our business, these considerations come first. Will it help our clients grow? Will it help increase the speed of their success? Will this make it less expensive for them to succeed?

We understand that healthcare practice owners want the most straight-line approach to claiming their prosperity which typically means higher earning potential in their career, increased productivity, more fulfilling work, and meaningful relationships with their team members, patients, and clients. We will continue to measure our company and program against these outcomes to ensure we’re always providing the most efficient and effective paths to real-world results.


The main objective of The Art of Practice Prosperity is to create value over the long-term through inventing and executing unmatched strategies that get real world results for our clients. That is the main goal we optimize for in our decision making. To be an organization that leads our clients to create massive impact in their professional and personal lives, we've had to consistently hypothesize, test, and reiterate strategies in our own practices. Being able to offer our clients immense value, we've had to collectively invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to get there.

We have invested and will continue to invest heavily in our program, intellectual property, technology, client base, and team. We measure our success based on the success our clients are able to achieve.


To help our clients achieve success in their practices and surpass entrenched marketplace participants, we have and continue to invent strategies that are in an entirely new class of their own. Our strategies do not compete, but seek to dominate. New inventions by their very nature aren’t competitive, they’re built for monopoly as no one has created these strategies before.

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