Over the years, I’ve come to realize that a lot of the critical work we do with clients is breaking down their commonly held beliefs. It’s important to reframe practice related belief structures so that healthcare practice owners can see what they are capable of achieving, instead of only what they think they can. Some of the help we provide comes in the form of deconstructing common beliefs that we’ve found to be baseless. However, some of the more exciting work comes from getting to know the clients we work with and their individual experiences and beliefs.

Many practice owners start working with us after years of struggle. It’s no secret that most of the professionals in private practice are struggling financially. Owning and operating a practice is difficult if one does not have an understanding of solid business practices. The sad thing is, there exists a real danger of failing, and it’s a fear that many practice owners experience every day. Then, after years of struggling many of them start to think that there is no other way other than continuous struggle- ‘it comes with the territory,’ they convince themselves.

The real danger in practice is the acceptance of struggle as an absolute, and it takes the form of trauma.

What is neuroplasticity in practice?

I like to describe this ‘practice trauma’ with our clients by using the concept of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is essentially our brain’s way of learning — our brain programs itself based on experiences and forms new neural pathways based as a result of various inputs. These neural pathways are processed in a way for our minds to “make sense” of the world around us. Our brain’s ability to learn is awe-inspiring, but there is a danger amidst continuing to fail in practice because it begins to set clear neural pathways for failure. Our mind then starts to associate the healthcare industry as a whole with failure because we’ve continued to struggle year after year: the longer and arduous the struggle, the more developed these neural pathways of failure become.

To ensure that I’m adequately describing the concept, I want to compare it to a traumatic injury. When we have a traumatic physical injury from falling, or a car accident, or something similar, it can cause nerve damage. When this nerve damage causes chronic pain, the longer the body experiences this chronic pain, the worse it will be. The body will start to form new neurological pathways that drive one thing and one thing only; pain. This pathway formation is very similar to our emotional and intellectual experiences in practice; these experiences also color our decision-making process, which is where it can become dangerous.

We’ve met and spoken with practice owners that have been struggling for thirty years, and still retire with no savings- it’s heartbreaking. Part of the reason this is the case is because, after many years of failing to get their practice to a point where it’s successful, they start to accept their “reality.” After a few years of struggle with little or no gain, their lack of success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because their mind is convinced that there is no way out of the struggle. At this stage, the pathways have already formed, so any legitimate professional help recommended will fall on deaf ears because their minds (pathways) are already made up; they think “there is no way to be successful in practice.”

This internal wall is where the hard work comes in for someone like us that works with these jaded practice owners. I’m here to tell you; it’s possible to have a practice where the practice owner makes a VERY nice living while working twenty or fewer hours a per week while also having the liberty to go on long vacations without the practice falling apart – I did it, you can too!

I’ve also helped many practice owners gain the same financial freedom that I enjoyed by creating the same systems of leverage in their practice. However, when I tell that same thing to someone that has only experienced “the struggle” during most of their time in practice, it’s a tough pill to swallow. Most of our clients are still skeptical the first time they meet with us to go over their practice after signing on, and that’s okay because we understand- we were there once, too.

Want to know how we help practice owners break their defeatist programming?

A practice owner that has been experiencing the pain of a lackluster practice for years on end needs a JOLT. So, when a practice owner signs on with us, we give them a big jolt to break the pattern of defeat. And we do this by helping them knock it out of the park their first month working with us. We’ve had clients double or even triple their take-home net income their very first month working with us, and we love that because we can immediately sense their sense of hope coming back.

After we’ve given a new client the necessary steps and guidance to boost their income, we then focus on installing our robust administrative discipline that lasts for the life of their practice. Then, we run through the rest of their practice and ensure that they continue to grow year after year in a way that is sustainable and predictable. (A lot of coaches and consultants throw those words around because they know you want to hear them. However, we have a proven system for doing so, and we consistently deliver.)

I want to highlight how important the first month is when a client signs on with us. It’s essential for many practice owners to receive a big boost in business within their first month because more often than not, they desperately need it financially, but the big reason is that it breaks their patterns of self-doubt. When a practice owner doubles their income in one month, they now KNOW that it’s possible to do more as the ‘new pathways’ begin to form.

So, if you feel like you’re stuck in practice in a never-ending cycle of struggle, we highly recommend you at least speak with us so we can assist in breaking the stronghold these patterns may have on you. Once your model of failure is broken, then you’ll start to feel that hope when you first started in practice – when you knew that success was possible. We’re here to remind you – it IS possible.

All our best,
Jonathan and The Art of Practice Prosperity Team

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