Step back from the mosaic that makes up your practice.

If you’ve lost sight of your goals and can no longer see the big picture, step back or even step away for a moment. You’re too close to the mosaic that is your practice.

You might be too close or too involved in the details of your practice and while sometimes that is necessary, staying too long in the minutia of details, at that level of granularity, can lead to big picture blindness.

When you step back, only then will you be able to see the mosaic that is your practice as a whole. It will allow you to observe if the practice you have been creating is on track with the vision of what you’ve had for your practice.

All too often, these two pictures, your envisioned reality vs. your actual reality, are not only far from matching, but they clash and collide with one another.

So how do we create a practice, or recreate our practice, to be more in alignment with what we’ve envisioned?

How are we able to accomplish this in such a manner so that all of the resources that we’ve poured into our practice are returned to us exponentially?

Well, the way to go about it is to first, reclaim the vision of what you want and what you meant to create for your practice first, and then, reverse engineer all the areas of your practice to make that happen.

The first step to accomplishing this is to step back from the mosaic and see the picture clearly.

Be cognizant of your time, money and energy.

What you want to do at this point, is to look at your practice objectively, temporarily detach your emotional involvement, and just look at the picture of what you’ve created for yourself or plan to create.

We want to observe what we’re doing in business as a practitioner with a critical eye, not one blinded by theory, conjecture, or what your colleague down the street is doing.

We’re looking to see what actions are necessary to recreate this vision and then assemble your practice in such a way that it is not only viable but is an exponentially profitable venture.

We want to be cognizant of the amount of time, money, and energy we propose to expend in creating this, and then, install systems and operations that not only maintain its existence but will also provide the best return on our investment.

The second step is to divide your practice into five main areas in which to master.

At The Art of Practice Prosperity, we call these areas: Admin, Marketing, Enrollment, Deliver, Scale.

The ‘Admin’ area has everything to do with the foundational framework of your practice and is the basis for all decisions you will make when it comes to the further expenditure of time, money, energy and happiness.

This area is extremely important, and when installed correctly, it will allow you to make data-driven decisions with a lot of certainty and predictability.

Marketing is the area in which all marketing campaigns are executed and managed.

This area, in conjunction with the Admin area, will allow you to discover which methodologies will produce enough prospective new patients/clients coming to your office on autopilot so you can hit your conversion and production goals.

‘Enrollment’ is the area where you will be able to deliver your care recommendations to any prospective new patient, consistently working towards increasing your conversion rate with each enrollment.

The ‘Deliver’ area pertains to the culture of the practice you’re creating, the day-in-day-out experience patients have in your practice.

And finally, the ‘Scale’ area is where you can make data-driven strategic changes in your practice to increase leverage and stability in your practice.

Bringing it all back home.

So, bringing it all back around, while you have to zoom into the details of your practice and perform the required fine-tuning to keep it humming smoothly, it’s also important that you step back and look at the mosaic that is your practice and constantly ask yourself if what you’ve been creating is what you’ve envisioned, and most importantly, will it function as an asset that pays out more resources than you’ve been pouring into it.

Codifying those details into the context of Admin, Marketing, Enrollment, Deliver and Scale helps you to strategically control your practice to ensure this happens and doesn’t obscure the mosaic.

You can speak to us about how to bring it all back home in your practice.

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