Would you ever fly at an altitude of 39,000 feet in an airplane that had no controls or flight instrumentation?

No?! Then why are you navigating your practice that way? If you wouldn’t fly in a plane at an altitude of 39000 feet that had no controls or flight instrumentation, you shouldn’t navigate your practice without instrumentation and proper controls, exposing it, and yourself, to that type of risk either! The majority of healthcare practice owners that we speak with on a daily basis have not installed analytics into their practice to provide them with the true data of what is actually happening in their practice, much less using data to put a plan of action together, leveraging staff, to revert their current situation and keep it turned around in a positive direction. One of the reasons that healthcare practice owners don’t have these controls in place is because they lack the know-how of how to construct such a system. Or, if they’ve hired a consultant to learn something along these lines, they were only taught the concepts regarding such a system. It is then left up to the already busy and overworked practice owner to develop their own system along with all the nuances and details that are required to elicit change accurately. Expecting an already overwhelmed practice owner to assemble these systems DOES NOT work. Most healthcare practice owners are healthcare practitioners; they are not systems developers.

Another reason that practice owners don’t have a system that recalibrates their practice towards success is that they are under the illusion something comparable is already installed, when in fact, it isn’t. And not only are those doctors a little ‘off-the-mark’ when it comes to having a comprehensive and complete analytics tracking system in place, what they’ve concocted isn’t even in the same stratosphere compared to what we’re eluding to here. Most practitioners we talk to will loosely say, ‘Yeah, I keep stats’ and brush it off like it is not the absolute single most important thing in their practice’s existence if they are ever going to achieve the highest levels of prosperity available to them. If the discussion matures past that point, we proceed to tell them the details of what they are missing and the immense positive impact that having such a system in their practice will make. Infusing the data from this system to make business-friendly data-driven decisions can significantly impact not only their bottom-line profit, but their sanity, focus, and direction in conducting their practice year in and year out!

The fact that practice owners do not have the time to develop such a comprehensive system is just one of the reasons we have done it for them.

We call it our Analytics Center™.

Another reason is that they don’t have the time to test and consistently develop such a system, working out all of the kinks and potentiating the desired results and effects of using the system. That takes years of trial and error. But the main reason we’ve done it for them comes from our experience in seeking help from consultants during our time in practice. Most of the consultants that healthcare practice owners hire are also blind, if not more so, regarding what is REALLY happening in their client’s practices! We can’t tell you how many times we had to hop on those annoying 15-minute phone calls with a consultant who didn’t have the slightest idea of what was happening in our practices, yet charge exorbitant fees for their ‘help’. Early on, Jonathan hired someone out of Florida, called him 1x per week and he would open with, “How’s it going, boy?” One day he finally said, “Well, I’m implementing like a madman and doing everything you say to do and I’m worse off for taking your advice because it’s simply not working and I have a choice of either paying rent on my practice this week or eating and at this point I don’t feel like I can trust your advice with that problem either.” Needless to say, that was their last conversation. So, what happened there? Well, it took all of us years of being in practice to find out. Most consultants have no business advising practice owners because they don’t have a clear, up-to-date, accurate picture of the numbers and data behind their client’s practices! At The Art of Practice Prosperity, we divide each client’s practice into 18 specifically defined areas, and each of these areas has a minimum viable level in which they have to attain. If a client of ours needs help, we know EXACTLY what is going on inside their practice and can offer them the most pertinent advice based on REAL AND ACTUAL DATA being reported from their practice daily. Receiving bad and untimely advice from consultants is a major gripe from the many practice owners who have hired them.

How soon does a change need to be made in your practice if you’re going off the rails?

Think of it this way: You’re en route from LA to NYC, and you need to get their fast, but the navigation system that you’re relying upon to guide to in taking the quickest route has a glitch in its programming. It only lets you know that you took a wrong turn when you’ve driven 500 miles past where you should’ve made that left hand turn. Sure you’ve corrected your course, but now, it’s way too late! Well, without a complete and comprehensive done-for-you system that measures and always gives feedback regarding the areas of your practice that we consider to be Essential Analytics™, you’re flying blind in your practice, not knowing what to do in time. This can mean catastrophic consequences for you and your practice. Why take the risk?!

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