While it’s true that non-action will get you nowhere, improper action will get you into trouble.

This is called ‘Confusion Illusion.’

You might be taking some action in the areas of marketing or sales or delivery, anything that you can try to do to make an improvement in those areas.

You find that you’re not getting the traction that you thought you were going to gain, especially for the amount of time, energy, and money that you’ve been pouring into those areas.

The first thing to realize is that you are not guaranteed positive results just because you’re taking action.

You have to take the proper measures to get those positive results.

One of the first things to do to get an ROI on the investment of your time, your money, and your energy, is to precisely define what you’re trying to produce.

If you’re going after prospective new patients, clearly define exactly what a ‘prospective new patient’ is.

I’ll give you a hint: In The Art of Practice Prosperity, we have something called ‘Essential Analytics.’

There’s 18 of them.

They are 18 specifically defined areas regarding the end product that we want in all areas of your practice. We only measure what is absolutely essential.

We know that if we can clearly define what we’re going after, we can continuously put together an ongoing strategy that will be running leaner and meaner every single week, week in and week out, through the efforts of staff to attain those actual specific products.

For example, when prospecting for more new business, we work towards the production of an essential analytic called a QD1.

The definition of a QD1 is: “Someone who lives and/or works local, has the wherewithal to afford your care, has interest in your services and an interest in a health concern that they’re concerned about, and they’re willing to take action on it.”

If you think about it, that specific definition of a prospective new patient is as close as we can get to defining the result of our prospecting campaign. Anything other than that isn’t worth going after, because that’s exactly what you need in your practice that will provide you with the ‘raw materials’ required for a consultation and exam worth performing.

Again, the first thing is to define precisely what you’re going after.

The more specific and precise your definition is regarding what you’re going after, the more you can re-calibrate your efforts and actions to make sure that actually happens, and you’re getting a good number of QD1’s, or whatever the stat might be in your practice.

Another thing is that you don’t want to keep data for the sake of keeping data. You want to take that data, and you want to continually analyze your results from the effort and energy that you’re putting into it and infuse that hard-won knowledge right back into your staff meeting.

You might hear me say a number of times, especially if you’re a client, that you’re only going to be as successful as you are focused on the areas that require the most attention, and you’re also implementing best practices to consistently achieve and beat quotas in those areas.

For example, say one week you’re down $7,000 regarding income requirements from the previous week. (We run the stats in our practice week by week.) We have to make sure that we’re going to be able to break even each and every week at the very least, and then make a profit on top of that.

It’s way easier to manage stats week by week for many reasons. If we’re doing that, and we find out that we’re negative $7,000 from the week prior, well, our plans and our activities that we thought we might be doing in practice that following week are going to change drastically, because we have to make up for that $7,000.

What happens is that some doctors will fall behind, not knowing that they’re in arrears and they’re going to try to take massive action in different areas, not based on based practices, spending a lot of time, money and energy just spinning their wheels. They’ll do this as a result of panicking and haste, getting no traction and inevitably, that’s going to lead to a lot of frustration.

What can also happen if you don’t have a system in place that gives you correct data as to exactly what’s happening in your practice on a day-by-day and week-by-week basis, is that you’ll focus your attention and efforts on the wrong areas.

You’re prone to start to make excuses for why things are not working…

Then what could happen, because you are taking ineffective action, you’ll start making excuses for why things are not working, or you’ll start blaming different areas of your practice.

Reception is to blame, or prospective new patients are stupid, or whatever it might be. You can fill in that ‘blank’ many ways, as you probably know.

Again, to get yourself out of this ‘confusion illusion,’ it’s best to clearly define what you’re going after, run procedures, continuously look at what’s working, and what’s not.

Then, continuously trim the fat off those procedures (iterations), run your practice lean and mean and get those products in at a good, viable level and then pass those off to staff and be diligent about that process.

Keep on figuring out what works for your practice and keep track of that.

For our clients, we have a system that’s already built out and done-for-you. You don’t have to do any of that on your own, but if you want to do it on your own and you want to give it a shot, you’re best off first, clearly defining what you’re going after. Then, trim the fat. Run it mean and lean. Get more effective. Get more efficient with what you’re doing. Then, take that data, infuse it into your meetings. (There’s a lot of nuances on how to effectively do this that makes all the difference.)

Then, if you continuously keep on this process, you’ll stop being confused and deluded as to what might be working, and what’s not working.

You have to keep track, but again, do not keep track of data just for the sake of keeping data.

We are here to help you create a robust and bulletproof strategy to streamline your practice for sustainable growth and trackable results.

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