Every day, we speak with healthcare practice owners that would like to improve their business. However, the thing that we find most interesting is that so many of them have gone years without changing much of anything in their practices. They choose to stay stuck with the same tired business strategies hoping for different results. Or, even worse, become discouraged by their lack of success in practice and decide that the best thing to do is continue to coast in mediocrity.

If this is where you are in practice, we can promise you one thing; it will change, whether you like it or not. If you have a practice that runs “well enough” now and has only worked “well enough” for more than a year or two, inevitably it will begin the gradual decline into failure. In business, one of the things that’s guaranteed is change- the market will change whether you like it or not.

The best thing a business owner can do is initiate a practice of change in their business.

We’re sure you have heard the saying, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” This is especially true in business. If your business is not steadily growing, then it is likely in decline. Growth in practice comes from a concerted effort towards positive change. The market changes constantly and if you’re not changing with it in the right way, your practice will be left behind. A practice owner needs to be continually looking for new growth strategies, testing these new strategies and implementing consistently once proven effective. These growth strategies may concern marketing, staff management, leveraging new technology, or increasing the overall efficiency of their practice. A good business owner will continuously look for ways to make their practice better because they KNOW that their competitors are looking for ways to improve as well!

The problem with change is that it requires work. Sometimes a lot of hard work. It takes time and effort to pay attention to new trends and technology, find new strategies to test and implement. A lot of what you will try will fail, which is discouraging for most practice owners. However, it’s an unnecessary aspect of change and the learning process. The trick is to adopt and implement what has already been proven to work. We don’t always need to fail first to find what works.

How to make a practice of change – THE HARD WAY

First, we recommend finding reliable resources for practice related business information. Read books about business management. Attend workshops, seminars, and masterminds. Connect with other practice owners and pick their brains about strategies that work best for them. Every practice owner needs to have solid business skills, and this starts with access to people and resources that are reliable.

Second, start on the main problems that you have in your practice, this is typically in the area of marketing. Work on the first big problem until it’s 90% solved. Once you fix the first problem move to the next until every primary process is operating at 90% of its potential, after every process is running at 90% of its potential, start again from the beginning and try to move the needle a little more each time in each process. This process of constant change and improvement should be deeply ingrained in your practice management philosophy.

We don’t recommend doing this the hard way, but it can be done if you’re convinced it’s necessary. This complicated method of change in practice can take anywhere from one to twenty years for anything meaningful to happen- the learning process is lengthy, steep and unforgiving.

How to make a practice of change – THE SMART WAY

For many healthcare practitioners, we highly recommend hiring professional help, especially if they are currently struggling in practice. The chances are that healthcare practitioner has not accumulated enough business acumen to solve their practice woes on their own. The Art of Practice Prosperity’s solution is one you can trust and work with until your practice is operating to 100% of its potential. Our solution can save you years of struggle and financial loss. Our clients typically see dramatic improvement within just a month of implementing. Results start almost immediately. What we teach results from all of our years of cumulative experience and we provide strategies that work immediately. After your time with us, you will be able to handle change and growth on your own with a much lower chance of failure.

If you’re looking to create meaningful change in your practice, we highly recommend making a practice of change in business. If a practice owner wants to be successful in practice, they need to build in a discipline of continued evolution and growth into their practice culture and management efforts. Watch our training and learn how we can assist you in making the changes necessary towards certain and strategic success: www.expandmypractice.com

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