Every decision that you make in your practice is going to have a benefit and consequence.

What you decide to act on in marketing your practice, to bring in more business and create more income for yourself may seem beneficial, but is the consequence of that decision creating bottlenecks in your practice?

Here’s an example:
Let’s say that you don’t want to spend any money marketing your services and you want to do something ‘on the cheap’ to save money.

So you head over to your local gym, schmooze up the owner or manager, and they agree to allow you into the gym 2x per month on Wednesday afternoons to promote your business to their members for free. 

The gym is also 5 miles away.

Every Wednesday you hop in your car and go to the gym, you bring your business brochures, product samples, and other materials to promote your business to bring in new clients. 

It takes you 20 minutes to get there, 20 minutes back, and 2 hours to market for your services. 

During that time, you manage to collect seven names and phone numbers, but also make an additional two prospective new patient appointments for the next week.

When the following week rolls around, only one of the appointments show up for a consultation and is undecided about signing up for care.

The second scheduled appointment canceled altogether and said they’d call if they’re interested in coming in at a future date. 

Does this sound familiar?

Let’s look at what happened here:

First, you just gave yourself a $12/hour job.

Don’t forget: if you find yourself doing ANYTHING in your practice, you MUST figure in what it really should be costing you if you’re doing the work. 

And in our book, if you’re doing anything less than a $100-$500 per hour activity, you’re making a mistake and engaging what could amount to be a continuous lousy habit.

You could have easily paid someone $12/hr for that time you spent at the gym – about 3 hours, and could have attained the same results (or better) for a payroll expense of $36.

This is important: You really should have paid yourself at least $300 from your business via payroll if you indeed did go out and do this ‘free’ marketing activity because only then will you feel the pinch and the burn of doing your own marketing. 

And by the way, when you pay yourself $100-$500 per hour, you will get the hint that you could get things done in your practice more inexpensively than if you had to do them yourself!

So, that’s one bottleneck.

Practice creating flow:

Another bottleneck that you are creating is when you engage in the bad habit of doing something that is non-leveraged. If you don’t leverage other people’s time and energy with your money to turn a profit in one or more currencies (those currencies being time, money, energy, and happiness), you may be on the road to burnout. 

And, if you’ve been operating this way in practice for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ll agree that burnout can creep up fast.

It’s time to start thinking about how to create a practice that creates leverage and sustainable growth with your currencies of time, money, energy, and happiness. 

Finding the best leverage for yourself in business is an art that can multiply and produce more of what you want which will maximize your growth as a healthcare entrepreneur. 

With the systems and frameworks we provide to you in The Art of Practice Prosperity, it makes it a whole lot easier and faster to attain leverage in practice and avoid burnout.

We would love to help you find your flow in practice. We offer a complimentary session to help you discover where you can create more leverage and growth in practice.

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